“Prestige Ingredients” is a short film that showcases the dynamic current food culture of Paris, France, through a clever, fictional narrative. Alia Shawkat stars as Alia, a young, out-of-work actress who takes a job with Pierre, a chef in Paris. Pierre, played by real-life chef Pierre Jancou, needs the specific talents of an actress to complete an inspired dinner event. Alia becomes immersed in the rich and varied restaurant scene and ends up having to dig deep within herself to deliver what she has promised to Pierre. The concept for Pierre's dinner and Alia's role therein will be the big reveal of the film's climactic scene.

It all started when producers from Anthony Bourdain's Emmy award winning travel series, "No Reservations", discovered Danielle’s food and travel blog, thetrailofcrumbs.com. They hired her team, then based in Paris, to help produce an episode about the Burgundy region of France and chef Ludo Lefebvre.  Since then they have worked on various shows like Bourdain’s "The Layover", "Mind of a Chef" with Magnus Nilsson, “I’m Having What Phil’s Having”, to name a few. Through these productions and her blog, she has cultivated a community of friends made up of the most interesting chefs, sommeliers and restauranteurs in the city.  

"Prestige Ingredients" is the direct product of the friendships they’ve made and the skills they’ve honed managing production teams. In their directorial debut they showcase the dynamic, current food culture of Paris through a fictional narrative. The film stars Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), a friend of the couple who Danielle has worked with as a visual artist while curating exhibitions in Paris featuring artists from California.

Over the years, Danielle has cultivated a large group of artistic friends throughout the world. In producing “Prestige Ingredients”, She worked with many of these friends to craft the film from the beginning through to the final cut. Her dynamic production team includes Emmy award winning “Mind of a Chef” cinematographer Ethan Mills and musician Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco.


Directed by                                     Adrian Dentzel and Danielle Rubi
Written by                                       Adrian Dentzel
Executive Producers                      Adrian Dentzel and Danielle Rubi
                                                        Barbara Dentzel
Director of Photography               Ethan Mills
Editor                                              Liza Cardinale
Assistant Director                         Hélène Sevaux
Production Designer                      Danielle Rubi
Sound Editor                                  Scott Hirsch
Music by                                          Mikael Jorgensen, Quindar, Prism Break


Alia                                                 Alia Shawkat            
Pierre                                             Pierre Jancou
Red                                                 Redouanne Harjane

In Order of Appearance

Agent                                              Emily Hirsch
Bartender                                       Arash Hajianpour
Beer Guy                                         Josh Fontaine
Woman at Bar                                 Jen Ammann
Pastry Chef                                    Benoît Castel
Winemaker                                      Pierre Paillot
Sommeliere                                     Audrey Jarry
Bistro Chef                                     Edward Delling-Williams
Heimat Cooks                                  Michele Farnesi    
                                                       Georgio Enrico
                                                       Federico Azzolini
                                                       Marion Goettle
Heimat Diners                                 Grégoire Verdin
                                                       Meg Zimbeck
                                                       Alix LaCloche
                                                       Charles and Lisa Lewis
                                                       Ilia Potemin
Journalist                                     Francois Simon
Lamb Farmer                                   Guillaume Verdin
Lamb Chef                                       James Henry
Photographer                                Danielle Rubi-Dentzel
Photo Assistant                             Mariella Dentzel
Pierre’s Wife                                   Pauline Caupenne

Associate Producers                      Charles and Lisa Lewis
Art Director                                   Danielle Rubi-Dentzel
Key Grip and Gaffer                        Peter Rubi
Additional Photography                Peter Rubi
                                                        Justin Hamilton
Assistant Camera                            Etienne Bacci
                                                        Justin Hamilton
Sound Recordist                             Yves-Marie Omnes
Boom    Operator                            Gabriel Roches
Key Grip                                           Matthieu Miot
                                                        David Hardillier
Production Coordinator                Marion Josse
Production Assistant                     Mariella Dentzel
                                                        Molly Tuttle
Colorist                                          Michael Burton
Titles Design                                   Jeremy Bacharach
Sound Post-Production                  Echo Magic West
Production Photographer             Danielle Rubi-Dentzel
Set Dresser                                     Alison Reid
Production Legal Services             Kirk Carter